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It’s not easy pitching large companies to allow you to take over their online marketing when all you have is your college portfolio and case studies. But there is where confidence comes in and the ability to actually listen to your prospective clients. Far too often in online marketing, people are sold products and not really solutions. That is why when I went to present to the team over at Chicago Finished Basements about what we could do for them and was chosen for the job, I couldn’t be more excited. Here are some of the roughs I am thinking of going with. Let me know what you think!

Thank you so much to the team over at Finishedchicagobasements.com! Your Bolingbrook Basement Remodeling specialists!

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Awesome Inbound Marketing Ideas

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From Tweets to blog posts to Facebook page wall posts, there is a lot copy, messaging and engagement to push out to your audience. This is why the inbound marketer’s role is one that requires so much creativity. Content has to be timely, accurate, relevant, thoughtful, unpredictable, informative – even funny. The same old content day in and day out can get stale, losing that community engagement you were after in the first place. The question is: where do you come up with fresh ways to accomplish that seven days a week? And what do you do when you are just jump-started a social presence on Twitter or Facebook? What should your company be blogging about? This list of ideas is meant to inspire the content you create for your community. Broad and generic in focus, it’s not meant to focus too strictly on the technology that helps you carry out these ideas and offer something for everyone. We hope this brainstorm helps you think of some fresh ideas of your own.

Multi-media and Visuals

1. Do a screencast with Screenr of your product and share it on your blog.

2. Show a step-by-step guide on how to do something in a screencast, how-to video, or show the steps in a series of photos.

3. Create a music video for your company and post it on the blog.

4. Share a cartoon or create an original one. How-to’s and Tips

5. Write a how-to article. Give instructions with screenshots or photos on the steps someone needs to take to do something.

6. Point out common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions on how to fix or avoid them.

7. Offer a list of benefits for doing something.

8. Share a list of some things to avoid.

9. Relate your how-to content to a current event or a celebrity. Example: “5 _____ Lessons from Lady Gaga” or “What the Election Teaches Us About ____”

Use Existing Content

10.Take the contrarian position. Find someone else’s article that you agree or disagree with. Introduce your blog post with what you specifically agree or disagree with it, and support your argument with a few concise points.

11.Do a weekly or daily links-roundup of relevant news for your community.

12.Find tips in other content, create a list of those tips and give links to those articles as the sources.

13.Share an excerpt from an eBook or white paper with a call to action to download it for the rest of the information.

14.Share an excerpt from an upcoming webinar with a call to action to get the rest of the content in the webinar.

15.Share your slides from a recent presentation.

16.Share conference takeaways.

17.Do a round-up of last year’s/last month’s/last week’s most popular posts.

18.Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos for your audience, top eBooks, top webinars or infographics.

19.Create a Slideshare presentation of new statistics related to your space and share that in a blog post. Tag the Slideshare presentation with relevant keywords for your company to leverage SEO benefits of the platform.

20.Ask a question on Twitter and share the results with a Storify embed.

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